My love for crepes & dream to start a creperie began long ago. I grew up eating Norwegian pancakes, it was often a weekend breakfast tradition, my mother would make dozens of them & we would eat till our tummies were full.


As I got older I continued this tradition at my own apartment for my friends & family. When I was 18 me and my sister took a trip to Europe & since we were running on a limited budget we survived on street vendor food which happened to be what I called Norwegian pancakes but they called them crepes!

I grew up eating them with butter, sugar & syrup however they ate them in that way & half a dozen other. Butter & sugar, Nutella, ham & cheese, strawberry jam & whip cream were the few that I adored. Since that trip I made crepes a huge part of my life eating them for breakfast, dinner & snacks. It became a dream to open a shoppe that featured this amazing treat!

My dear friend Christine Meeker​, owner of Christine's Cookie Shoppe LLC​ has given me an incredible opportunity to open a Creperie in her shoppe! Over the last year I planned and purchased everything needed to start a creperie right in my city. That being said I’m excited to announce that in addition to launching Ecclesia Magazine I have launched Ecclesia Creperie February 2018! Located at 171 Genesee St. we are serving up classic European crepes.


Ecclesia Crêperie

is located at

171 Genesee St.

Utica NY 13501






"You never really leave a place you love. You take a part of it with you, leaving a part of yourself behind."

Ecclésia Crêperie is nestled inside 171 Genesee Street, a building also home to Character Coffee & Christine's Cookie Shoppe (yes... cookies, crepes, and coffee in one building--no, you're not dreaming, it's for real). You walk in the building door into the chic and very Williamsburg-esque Character Coffee, then walk through another door into the beautifully lit, roomy space where Christine's Cookies and Ecclésia are located. 

Let me just cut to the chase: I love this creperie so much. When I take a friend out to grab coffee or a bite to eat, I want to take them to a place they'll feel at home in. This is the kind of space you could sit and talk to a friend for hours (and you'll probably meet a few new ones, too! the atmosphere is so kind). It's so cozy yet so beautifully and cleanly laid out. And how great is it to have the option of coffee and cookies nearby, in case you're with a big group that can't make up their mind?

There are all kind of options here, whether you're looking for something savory like ham & cheese, turkey, or veggie for lunch time, or something sweet like strawberries & cream, cinnamon sugar, or nutella. (In other words, you could come here for a full meal!)

Since moving to Utica, I have always wanted to find my "go to" space, and, well... I found it. The kindness shown to me from all the incredible people who work here at 171 Genesee Street really just blows me away. It's like a breath of fresh air, and it's family in here. You might come at first for the crepes, but I bet that maybe, just maybe, you'll leave with something more.

Review By Katherine Heinlein 

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