We were never meant to walk this life alone yet so many of us do. Imagine living a life surrounded by support, being without family but having dozens of brothers and sisters by our side to be in community & do life with. Sounds like a dream life to many of us, especially those of us who have only ever been hurt and abandoned by our family. Serve our city has many goals in mind but the two main goals are to provide for the emotional, physical, spiritual & mental needs of those in our city but also to do it as a united family.  If each of us use our God-given gifts to support and encourage the people around us & to show the light of Christ to an isolated, dark world we can see beauty among the ashes.


Our vision is not to just put bandaids over open wounds but to find the actual fix for each situation & to work together to mend each one with the power of the Holy Spirit. We need two things to make this work. First we need volunteers with gifting in each kind of area in life. Whether it’s counseling, construction, baking, organizing, financial services, cleaning, babysitting, nursing, teaching and the list goes on and on. We want faithful servants who are willing to give of their time & service to feed in to the people around us. We are here for the overlooked, the rejected, the abandoned, the broken. Second thing we need is people in need. We won’t be able to reach every single person or need but we can start with one and by being faithful with our gifts we can touch as many as possible. Often the need is so high that it feels hopeless and difficult to know where to begin but this is not an excuse to do nothing. 


We are here for the overlooked, the rejected, the abandoned, the hopeless, the victim, the broken. The single mom or dad with a full time job & little time or resources to survive, the homeless man or woman trying to get back on track, trying to heal, trying to recover. The broken families discouraged & burnt out. The teenager who was never given the opportunity to thrive, who was never taught how to do life. Individuals ravaged by heartache & trauma, who feel hopeless and alone. For far too long we have sat behind the doors of the church in hopes that people would come to us but it’s time to go out in to our cities and go to them. To walk with them and to support them. To be the hands and feet of Jesus in our broken cities. We must stop waiting for others to step up and do what God can empower us to do & stop underestimating the impact that we can have with the power of the Holy Spirit in us.